Loving Cup

In 1896, our second Chairman, Henry Solomon Wellcome, widely known to be a great entertainer and host, chose to honour Thomas F Bayard on his retirement as the first US Ambassador to Britain at the ASL Thanksgiving Dinner. Wellcome designed and commissioned a loving cup to be presented by himself to the Ambassador. Although the Ambassador was unable at the last minute to attend, the evening was deemed a great success. However, a dispute arose over the funding for the lavish cup, eventually ending in Wellcomes resignation. A few years later, in 1906, ASL Board decided a new cup, to be engraved with the names of all future chairmen (and women) would be commissioned. It was and the tradition continues to this day. Some years back the cup was placed in Lloyds for safe keeping. Retrieving it for 2015 celebrations was no easy task, as Lloyd's had some trouble tracking down its actual location. But, Lloyd's being Lloyd's and with the dogged determination of our previous secretary Samantha Bond, the cup was presented at our spring drinks party. As most of you know the idea of the loving cup is for a ceremonial drink symbolizing friendship and unity.