American citizens living in the UK(or who are frequent visitors) are eligible for election to full membership, after approval by the General Committee. British subjects, or others who have either resided in the US or have close US connections are also eligible for election by the General Committee for membership.

Please note a check for £25.00, as a joining fee must accompany the standing order form, which authorises an annual member fee of £70.00. A total payment the first year of £95.00.

Membership includes:

  • Becoming part of the history of one of the oldest American expatriate clubs in the world. Help us support other historic groups such as Sulgrave Manor, the Ben Franklin House, the Eccles Centre and more. Continue a long tradition of promoting America, and our friendship with Great Britain.
  • Invitation to American Society events, at least four per year including a Spring cocktail reception, an Independence Day reception, an Autumn cocktail party and a Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • Subscription to American Society newsletter.
  • Special offers from theatre events, and other offers which the Society receives.
  • Exclusive invitations to other special events through the American Society in London.
  • Reciprocal agreements with other member clubs such as the ESU, and the European Atlantic Club.